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  • Green Griffin 2019

    Green Griffin 2019

    Seit Jahren gab es keine so groß angelegte Übung ind er Lüneburger Heide - abgesehen von den Truppenübungsplätzen - wie aktuell Green

  • Kaserne / Standort Rathenow 1999

    In den 1990er Jahren war es noch möglich, alte, aufgelassene Standorte der sowjetischen Streitkräfte in Deutschland (GSSD) zu besuchen. Für

  • Belgian Air Force Days 2018

    Belgian Air Force Days 2018

    Was gibt´s Neues in Belgien? Für bekannte F-16 nach Kleine Brogel fahren, lohnt sich das? Noch gibt es zum Tag

  • Poznan Airshow 2018

    Poznan Airshow 2018

    Die Poznan Airshow 2018 ist eigentlich ein öffentliches Tiger Meet mit regionaler Beteiligung. Nein, nicht auf dem Militärflugplatz südlich der

  • Sternmotortreffen 2018

    Sternmotortreffen 2018

    Quedlinburg muss man besucht haben. Weltkulturerbe, überall Geschichte aus Stein. Aber Geschichte aus Metall? In Quedlinburg? Na ja, es war

  • NATO Tiger Meet 2018 Poznan

    NATO Tiger Meet 2018 Poznan

    Der 2018er Tiger Meet Zirkus machte Station in Poznan. Allgemein als NTM (NATO Tiger Meet) bezeichnet, obwohl weder alle Teilnehmer

  • Tag der Bundeswehr 2018 Wunstorf

    Tag der Bundeswehr 2018 Wunstorf

    Zum Vierten Male in Folge lud die Luftwaffe auch 2018 ein, zum Tag der Bundeswehr. Als nördlicher Fliegerhorst war Wunstorf

  • ILA  2018

    ILA 2018

    ILA 2018 - Die Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung 2018 am Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg (BER) ist keine Berlin Air Show mehr. Nichts mehr

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  • Meilensteine in der Galerie

    In den Sommermonaten sind wir meist auf Flugplätzen unterwegs. Die Ausbeute stellen wir dann nach und nach in die Galerie ein. So ist der veröffentlichte Bestand dort auf über 8.000 Fotos gewachsen.In den ersten 2 Monaten des Jahres 2019 habt mehr...
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Tiger Airways, Singapore's fast growing low-fare carrier has placed an order for eight more Airbus A320s. Tiger Airways currently operates a fleet of seven A320s, with the latest order bringing the airline's backlog of deliveries to 13 aircraft. The A320s will be deployed on the airline's regional network that currently extends to 15 cities in seven countries. Tiger Airways' A320s will be configured in a 180-seater all economy configuration and be powered by IAE V2500 engines.

The latest A320 order by Tiger Airways serves to highlight the outstanding popularity that the A320 Family has enjoyed with both established and start up low-cost carriers in the Asia - Pacific region over the past few years. Low-cost carriers in Australia, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore have ordered more than 300 A320 Family aircraft during the past three years. Almost 560 A320 Family aircraft are already in service with more than 40 airlines across the region.

"Tiger Airways has seen tremendous growth in the past year, with passenger numbers increasing in the first six months of this financial year by 70%. Consumers across Asia are asking for more and more affordable flights and these additional new aircraft will enable Tiger Airways to respond positively to these demands," said Tony Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Tiger Airways.

"This significant order for additional aircraft represents a strong endorsement of our pure low fare, low cost business model which is used by other successful low fare airlines such as Ryanair. We would like to acknowledge the support of our many customers who have supported us by flying Tiger Airways as their first choice of low fare airline," added Mr Davis.

"I am delighted that Tiger Airways' experience with the A320 over the past two years has resulted in this commitment to expand the fleet. I am confident that the aircraft's superb economics and high passenger appeal will significantly contribute to Tiger Airways' continuing successful growth across the region," said Airbus President and Chief Executive Officer, Louis Gallois.

With almost 50 million flight hours to date, more than 4,400 aircraft ordered and 2,800 delivered to some 180 operators, the A318, A319, A320 and A321 make up the world's best-selling single-aisle aircraft family. Designed to optimise revenue through cabin adaptability and passenger comfort and featuring the most modern and complete fly-by-wire technology available on any single-aisle aircraft, they ensure savings in every element of direct operating cost and provide operators with the highest degree of operational commonality and economy for aircraft in the 100-220 seat category.

The A320 Family's optimised cabin cross-section - the widest single-aisle fuselage on the market - sets new standards for passenger cabin flexibility in this segment. It allows for top-of-the-range comfort with wider seats and aisles, or an extra-wide aisle for the fast turnarounds that are essential in the low-cost markets. Furthermore, the superior cabin size and shape allow larger overhead stowage to be fitted for faster boarding and deplaning as well as greater convenience.



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